Shipbuilding and ship repair activities

Shipbuilding and conversions projects often involve several different tasks, services and materials. Riverco can also offer turnkey solutions, which form a solid basis for the most economical and successful result possible for your project. This kind of total solution and project management responsibility also prevents the risk of unexpected costs or techincal difficulties. Riverco offers all the services required for a project, as described below and other sheets in this website.


  • Consulting for Shipyards and Ship Owners
  • Project Management
  • Development programs
  • Computer software, Manuals, Colsulting:
    • Project Control System
    • Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems
    • Control Systems for Design and Planning
    • Material Planning and Control Systems
    • Cost evaluations
  • Regulation interpretations, legal advice
  • Technical specifications
  • Budgeting services
  • Enviromental studies
  • Feasibility Studies

Supervising and inspections

  • Surveys and inspections
  • Supervisors and inspectors for:
    • new construction projects
    • docking projects
    • conversion and refurbisment

Architectural Design and Consulting Engineering

  • Architectural design
  • All design and planning services for new construction and conversion projects
  • Calculations and approvals
  • Basic studies
  • Techical planning
  • Enviromental planning
  • Safety simulations and planning


  • Interior modification and conversions
  • Steel and aluminium works
  • Pipework, installations and units
  • Electrical installations and systems
  • Turnkey deliveries and systems
  • Turnkey deliveries for new constructions
  • Riding crews and installation teams

Material engineering and deliveries

  • All shipbuilding materials
  • All ship machinery
  • Materials engineering
  • Materials deliveries
  • Suitability studies
  • Logistical Studies and planning
  • Stock and storage planning
  • Materials calculations
  • Materials specifications


  • Furniture
  • Interior modules and units
  • Machinery units and modules
  • Steel and aluminium structures and units
  • Doors, ramps and gates
  • Electrical boards
  • Special systems

New Constructions

  • Yachts, flouting hotels and casinos
  • Tugs, coustal ships, fishing vessels
  • Barges, pontoons

Our expertise can simply be summed up in a few lines: we have over 45 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry; we are one of the world's top suppliers to the cruise vessel construction industry; we have the most skilled engineers and naval architects you will find, many of whom are educated to degree level in shipbuilding and we use our own fitters who have many years experience in cruise ships. Most importantly off all for our customers is that we are one single company which is capable of handling all tasks on board a vessel, with a unique understanding of the problems, needs, task and solutions on board which means that our services offer the best total solution for ship owners.