Since 1965, the Riverco group, and Riverco Ltd, has been best known as a marine engineering, ship building and ship repair company that serves the cruise industry and shipyards in the Americas, Far East and Europe.

Riverco provides full turnkey solutions for cabin, public and machinery areas, galleys and pantries, spas, open deck and pool areas for new buildings, conversions and refurbishments. Riverco’s solutions also include piping systems, electrical installations, steel and aluminum structures and general maintenance and repairs for the cruise and shipbuilding industry. A full range of services includes consulting, design and engineering, material deliveries, manufacturing and installation.

One of our special areas of expertise is to complete even major conversion and refurbishment works on board during the normal traffic, or during even the shortest docking periods.

We proudly present our long list of satisfied customers and references from nearly 5.000 completed, cost-efficient and top-quality projects. We have performed interior, deck outfitting and machinery projects for all the major ship owners in the industry, including Disney Cruise Line, RCCL, CCL, NCL, Star Cruises, and Celebrity Cruises, and our project totals have been anything from zero to dozens of millions over the decades.

Furthermore, the Riverco group works with steel and aluminum to build small and medium-sized ships and boats, such as tugs, work boats and yachts with luxurious interiors, in our own shipyard in Finland. The Parainen shipyard offers also docking services to coastal ships.

In addition to ship building, Riverco offers a wide variety of construction and industrial services and products, as well as design and engineering services with the latest design tools, for the oil, chemical and construction industries' use in projects comprising e.g. hotels, restaurants, office buildings, gyms and airports.

Riverco has several workshops for manufacturing interior modules and furniture, piping and ducting, electrical components, steel and aluminum structures, as well as machinery parts. Our educated, experienced, friendly and motivated team is proud to serve you and co-operate with all our customers globally, understanding the requirements of ship operations.

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