Shipyard and Small Ship Construction

Riverco is a shipbuilder specializing in the construction of small and medium sized ships from steel and aluminum. In addition to new construction projects, other important activities of our company include the renovation, docking and repair of vessels. Riverco has extensive experience in this area, having undertaken docking and repair services for hundreds of vessels for both private companies and state authorities.

Located in Parainen, near the Sweden-bound fairway, our shipyard and engineering workshops are designed for the construction of ships up to 80 meters long, ship blocks, large metal structures and accessory parts.

Our shipyard and engineering workshops in Parainen feature over 2000 m2 of indoor construction hall area with over 100 tons of lifting capacity.

Besides ships and ship blocks, we have also constructed a number of complex aluminum and steel structures for various industries, such as ramps, hatches, transportation systems and lifting equipment.

Jokiyhtymä can proudly present its long list of satisfied customers built up over the course of hundreds of different projects. We are your capable and reliable partner, offering high quality design and manufacturing as well as sourcing our materials from the top shipbuilding industry suppliers.

With every project we follow our specialized production and quality systems which produce superior quality and reliability in everything we do.

Our many years of experience, our comprehensive service, extensive conversion projects and efficient planning combined with the latest shipbuilding and ship repair technology gives us the technical edge to meet our customers' most demanding requirements.

Our reference list, fields of activity and other operational details are more detailed described in other sheets of this site

Parainen Shipyard aerial

Parainen shipyard